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Whether it’s losing weight, gaining energy, or getting stronger – our personalized training experience is the most effective way to reach your health goals.

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Feeling healthy and energized is achieved through good lifestyle habits and regular exercise. At Free Form Fitness, we recognize that no two lives are the same. This is why every client receives a personalized training experience that works with their current lifestyle. Our team of highly experienced and certified expert personal trainers are here to help you meet health and fitness goals.

Your personalized training experience will include 30-minute workout programs that are designed to work with your body and your goals. You’ll also receive coaching on how to include more healthy habits into your daily routine. Finally, you’ll join a community of people who make health and fitness a priority.

Creating these personalized training experiences is what we do, and we do it with unmatched enthusiasm and dedication. No matter what your fitness goals are, Free Form Fitness is prepared to deliver the results you’ve always wanted.

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A Customized Workout Plan

“Work smarter, not harder.” We use a specific combination of resistance exercises, stretching, and cardiovascular training to best achieve your fitness goals. Our 30-minute sessions help you reach these goals in the time you have. No fluff – just results.

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Our clients understand the role of good nutrition in a healthy life. Our nutrition coaching is easy-to-follow and focuses on whole food eating. We’ll identify what your body is craving and help you to nourish it in the way it truly needs. Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, or simply knowing how to make healthy food choices, our trainers can help.

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Expert Guidance

Every session is personalized to help you reach your unique goals, and personal training is the only fitness solution designed to hold you accountable to those goals.

Our expert training staff is here to act as your guide, to motivate you, and mentor you throughout the course of your fitness package. You’ll find yourself looking forward to training sessions knowing that every appointment will get you closer to your goals.

Cleaning & Safety

A Gym You Can Trust

In order to create a safe training environment, we have implemented several safety protocols for trainers and clients. Masks are required at all times, every piece of equipment is sanitized after every use, and there are several pre-screening measures in place.

Our Story

Since 2006, we’ve set out to create the ultimate training experience. Through our approach to Personal Training, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made with all of our clients.

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What Makes Us Different?

We care more than anyone

We are not a regular gym; we are one of the best health studios in Boston, MA with expert personal fitness trainers.

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Not hard work, but smart work! Our expert personal trainers deliver optimized training sessions that only lasts for 30 minutes.

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Small, private and non-intimidating personal training studio in Ottawa, Ontario to make you feel relaxed as you work hard with our best personal trainers.

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Personalized Health and Fitness Programs to suit individual fitness needs

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We only hire expert personal fitness trainers with a high level of experience, education, and witty personality.

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We have set high standards in order to provide the safest training experience for our clients. Due to COVID-19, we have added additional measures like masks, temperature checks, and strict sanitization protocols to keep you and the trainers safe.

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