“10 Foods That Prevent Wrinkles From The Sun!”

Mar 25, 2010


Often times the sun is a mental struggle (especially for ladies) between getting a nice sun tan and not wanting to get wrinkles. My mother just came back from a trip down south were my father had a dark tan and my mother was pale (or just not as tanned, mom). When I asked her why she said; “well I don’t want to get wrinkles”

Well I have good news for those of you that worry about this. A study came out on the effects of a flavanoid on skin protection against UVB rays that showed that you can prevent wrinkles with food. The flavanoid/antoxidant is called myricetin that’s found in many natural foods that many of us have been eating for years but maybe not enough. It suppresses UVB induced aging by regulating PI-3 kinase activity.

Here are 10 foods that all have high levels myricetin:

  •     onion leaves
  •     papayas
  •     guavas
  •     raspberries
  •     cranberries
  •     black currants
  •     crowberries
  •     blueberries
  •     bilberries
  •     fresh fava beans

Now go enjoy the sun!


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