10 Healthy Easy Snacks

Jan 12, 2010


Snacks are important – we need to eat every 3 hours roughly to keep our insulin from falling too low and then creating spikes. Here's a list of easy snacks to stock up on, some can keep in your car, purse or gym bag.

1- Nuts are the ideal snack, they keep for a long time and can be stored almost anywhere. Almonds and walnuts are the healthiest choices.

2 – Jerky, either beef, chicken or turkey is also a snack that keeps a long time. Organic, nitrate free is heathier if you can but keep in mind that may not last as long.

3 – Hard boiled eggs, they need to be refrigerated but they do last 3-4 days and are easy to grab is already cooked. Cook a bunch once or twice a week.

4 – Protein Shake, protein powder is easy to carry around, you can add to water with any container, shake and drink.

5 – Veggies with hummus, very easy to grab and eat.

6 – Cheese strings are not the healthiest food but they are better than other typical snack foods and are low carb.

7 – Plain yogurt mixed with berries and/or whey protein is easy to pack quickly.

8 – Celery with almond or peanut butter

9 – Cottage cheese, you can find individual packs at most grocery stores

10 – Protein muffins, if you make a dozen at a time it's easy to grab 2 or 3 as a snack in the morning, search this blog for the recipe!

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