101 Body Sculpting Secrets To Look and Feel Sexy — For Free

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“Awesome book! I learned so many things that are very useful. Thanks!”
– Erin M.

“Loved it! That’s a lot of good tips, especially the nutrition ones.”
– Christina C.

104 pages

No More Wasting Time! If you’re sick of your clothes not fitting the way they should (or used to) or hate the thought of wearing shorts, sleeveless tops & swimsuits this summer, this may be the most exciting book you’ve ever downloaded. Best of all, it’s FREE.

In this book, you will receive 101 secrets to sculpting your body that focus on three pillars:

Nutrition: Learn what foods burn fat, what snacks are actually slimming, what you should eat around your workout, when and how you should be eating certain foods, and much more.

Exercise: Learn what the best exercise strategy is, how to double your fat loss with the right type of exercise, and how much cardiovascular work you should doing for great results.

Motivation: Learn ways to get motivated, how to make sure you stick to it, how to ensure you succeed no matter what obstacles you face, and much more.

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About the Author

Jean-Luc Boissonneault, C.P.T is the co-founder of Free Form Fitness personal training centers and is a Health & Fitness Expert who specializes in nutrition, body sculpting and weight loss. For over a decade, he and his team of expert level personal trainers have helped thousands of people of all fitness levels transform their bodies and their health. He has placed 7th in the world in natural bodybuilding and first in Canada. He is also the co-founder of National Capital Fitday and the co-promoter of the Ottawa Bodybuilding Championships and the Ottawa Classic. He has published three books and just short of 900 blog posts, appeared in the fitness magazines, is a regular contributor on CTV’s “Today’s the Day” and has performed countless seminars for different companies on exercise, nutrition and motivation. Jean-Luc is also committed to his work with charitable and community organizations, and is an executive member of the Leaders at Heart at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation.

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