2010 Ottawa Championships (Video)

Dec 05, 2010

The show was sold out fast and some people didn’t get to see it. So we decided to upload the whole thing for your viewing. The only problem is that you can’t hear the people tell their stories in the video since it was on another sound feed at the show.

On another note:

We had so much fun promoting this event we decided that next year we will not only have a second one but we are making the November event one that Ottawa has never seen. (Something like the Arnold classic). Here are the future dates of the shows we are putting on in Ottawa:

  • Ottawa Classic (Drug tested), OPA Natural Ontario Qualifier – April 30th 2011
  • Ottawa Championships, (At the National Capital Fit Day) OPA Ontario qualifier – November 5th 2011
  • National Capital Fit Day (Bodybuilding, martial arts, expo, running, cycling, strongman,  and more) – November 5th 2011

2010 Ottawa Championships video part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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