23 Quick Tips For Getting Lean While Maintaining Muscle Mass

Aug 10, 2010


  1. Train your legs heavy that way your body knows it needs to maintain
  2. Eat more meals during the day to maintain a small flow of insulin all day
  3. Take a b-vitamin complex, zinc, magnesium and calcium supplement 
  4. Get a fibre supplement and take it morning and night
  5. Drink lots of water 
  6. Eliminate sweeteners 
  7. When performing your ""cardio"" exercise, increase the intensity 
  8. Push every muscle group to exhaustion
  9. Utilize exercises with big movements 
  10. Make sure you have a small calorie deficit (losing no more than 1lbs a week)
  11. Eat lots of veggies 
  12. Keep track of the food you eat 
  13. Take EFA's preferrably from fish oil
  14. Drink black coffee before you workout
  15. Have a high quality multi-vitamin 
  16. Prepare your food in advance for the week 
  17. Plan ""cheat days"" to be on special occasions 
  18. Celery is a good craving helper 
  19. Eat quality protein at every meal 
  20. Eat low glycemic carbohydrates that scores under 50 
  21. Use glutamine before and after your workout or ""cardio"" exercise 
  22. Keep your carbohydrate count lower than your protein count
  23. Have 40g of whey protein after your workout with carbs


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