25 Facts About Core Training…and 70 exercises

Dec 01, 2010

1.    The physical load for the core must never exceed the mechanical strength of the muscle
2.    The body is a dynamic link system and the core never completely work in isolation
3.    High repetitions low resistance exercise develops core endurance
4.    High-volume abdominal exercise does not trim the waste it may even make it thicker
5.    The core must be trained in flexion, extension and rotation
6.    Resisted back exercise is vital for producing trunk stability
7.    Hip flexor activation is increased if the feet are restrained
8.    The hip flexors are never inactive during any form of sit up
9.    Back pain of sit ups is more a result of sciatic over stretching
10.    Hip flexion during a sit up reduces tension on the sciatic nerve
11.    The core reacts well to a variety of exercises
12.    Dynamic  exercises produce 50% greater stress on the lumbar spine than isometric
13.    Leg raises are not intrinsically dangerous, they can be done safely  or unsafely
14.    The abdominals are dynamically active from 30 degrees of flexion to 15 degrees of extension
15.    Before the first 30 degrees the abdominals are isometrically contracted
16.    Sit ups are more effective with a mental concentration on the contraction
17.    Neck stress may be reduced by resting the head at the end of each repetition
18.    Neck stress may be reduced by pushing the tongue against the pallet of the mouth
19.    Twisting sit ups only partially work and must be supplemented with other rotation exercises
20.    Abdominal work at the expense of spinal erector work will increase chance of injury
21.    Lower back safety is enhanced if lower back is kept in contact with the mat at the bottom of the movement
22.    Exhaling while rising during the sit up decreases oblique activation
23.    Sit ups tend to decrease overall flexibility and must be balanced with hip/abs stretches
24.    The valsalva maneuver (tension like getting punched in the gut) creates more force on the abdominals but is not recommended for those with high blood pressure or heart disease.
25.    The core is strongly involved during major lifts, like the squat and the over head press

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