3 Critical Moves – Cardiovascular Disease

Jul 19, 2010


When faced with a problem it helps to simply carve out the 3 critical moves and go from there. Nutrition, exercise and accountability are 3 critical moves to getting and staying in shape but these are very general and have too much wiggle room.

Break it down further. What if your goal is to prevent heart disease? What would be the nutritional critical moves? What would be the exercise critical moves? What would be the accountability critical moves?

To help you out on the nutrition side. Here is a list of different markers of cardiovascular disease and a few nutritional critical moves that you can do to lower them if they are high;

Triglycerides           = Less sugars/carbohydrates, carnitine, fish/krill oil, niacin

LDL                        = Less sugars/carbohydrates, niacin

Small, dense LDL     =  Less sugars/carbohydrates, carnitine, fish/krill oil

Lp(a)                      =   Time-released or regular niacin, carnitine

Fibrinogen              =     Nattokinase, fish/krill oil

C-reactive protein   =    Less sugars/carbohydrates, fish/krill oil, carnitine

Homocysteine         =    Folic acid, B12, B6, trimethylglycine


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