3 Important Factors To Losing The Last Few Pounds

Jul 25, 2010


1. Glucagon/insulin ratio  – Glucagon is a hormone that counters insulin (the fat storing hormone) it is released in response to protein foods. Where insulin transports glucose to the fat cell, glucagon takes it out. It's important that when you are trying to lose fat that your ratio of glucagon to insulin is low. More glucagon than insulin means more food will be used as fuel. More insulin than glucagon means more food is stored as fat. So how do you do that? A) You first make sure that your blood sugar is low by not consuming too many carbs. B) and you make sure every meal has a good source of protein. Try to have your protein at least 1-1.5g per pound of lean bodyweight.

2. Adaptation – Your body adapts very quickly to all sorts of things like; calories, macro nutrients, cardio, weight training. You need to constantly surprise it. Switch things up. What I like to do with bodybuilding and figure athletes when their bodyfat loss starts to slow down is to start wave loading where you have higher calories on one day and the next day it's lower. I also like to make sure they are really pushing the cardio hard because many people get tired at this point and start slaking off; we would then add interval sprints alternating days with slow longer duration sessions.

3. Prep – Like my super organized friend once told me "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail". The last bit of fat is always the hardest to get off. It takes dedication and being organized. You need to prepare your meals ahead of time. Write your grocery list, shop, cook, cut, package for the next 4 days. I know this sounds like a lot but if you really want it, you will do what it takes.

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