3 Situations Not To Stretch

Jun 18, 2010


1. When the muscles you want to stretch is already over flexible. An over stretched muscle causes a weakness in the joint making it unstable and more prone to injury. It's important to find out what muscles are tight on your body in order to stretch those and avoid the ones that don't need it.

2. In the early morning. When you first wake up your muscles are still cold and lacks blood flow. This is especially a bad time to stretch if you have a bad back. Many people hurt their back putting on their socks because they flex their spine first thing in the morning. Get moving before you decide to stretch.

3. Before your workout. Static stretching (slow holding) will make you at least 5% weaker for your workout. Remember, stretching calms the nervous system and that is the last thing you want when your about to lift weight. Before your workout focus on moving stretches and warm up sets through full range of motion this fire up the nervous system and increase your performance. 


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