4 Questions For YOU To Ponder

Mar 09, 2011

Here are 4 questions that have served me well in my life so far. I believe questions are not only a critical part of building good relationships (which is the number 1 thing I value in my life) but they are also critical in finding your path and achieving your goals. These 4 questions are key:


Why workout, work so hard, help out, learn so much, push so hard, be so dedicated, take the risk

Why Not?

Why not see how many books you can read, how many skills you can develop, see how far you can go, see how much you can achieve, how much of a difference you can make.

Why Not You?

If someone else can do it why can’t you? If I can do it, why can’t you? Even if no one has done it you can do it. You can do anything you believe you can do.

Why Not Now?

There’s no better time than now, to work on yourself, work on your skills, start something new, get it together, grow, change, build, make a difference

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