4 Supercharged Food Combos

Mar 07, 2011

Some foods are better in combination than on their own. You will notice how many of these combo’s just happen to be traditionally placed together in a meal. Now you will know why.

Tomatoes & olive oil

Tomatoes, or more specifically the antioxidant in the tomatoes is called lycopene which has been shown to help prevent cancer and heart disease. But here its the thing; Lycopene is a fat-soluble substance, and as such requires the presence of dietary fat for proper absorption through the digestive tract. On it’s own lycopene will be poorly absorbed but together with fat (like olive oil) they pack a powerful antioxidant punch.

Green tea & lemon

Green tea is particularly rich in health-promoting flavonoids, including catechins and their derivatives. The most abundant catechin in green tea is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is thought to play a pivotal role in the green tea’s anticancer and antioxidant effects. Want to supercharge your green tea? Adding lemon to green tea has been shown to be absorbed 13 times better than green tea on it’s own.

Red meat, carrots & rosemary

When I talk about red meat I’m talking about grass fed beef which is very healthy for you (loaded with L-canitine, my fat burning friend). Carrots’ antioxidant compounds help protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer and also promote good vision, especially night vision. But the thing is they are better absorbed in combination with a protein foods than on their own. Try also adding rosemary to pack an even better antioxidant punch that will help trap free radicals and prevent aging.

Spinach & beets

Spinach provides are body with a great source of iron but in order for iron to get fully utilized it should be combined with a food high in vitamin C like beets or your favorite color pepper.

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