5 Fitness Rules For The Desk Job

Jan 28, 2011

You’ve been there. You were younger, you had a physical job, you were moving all day long burning up a whole bunch of calories. Then you got the desk job, the one that brought your metabolism to a halt. The exercise that was working then isn’t working now. In fact here is surprising fact (at least to me) the average person puts on 18lbs in their first year of a new desk job. So here are 5 rules that have changed:

1. You can’t eat whatever you want and expect to burn it off in a 1 hour workout anymore
The math just doesn’t add up. Exercising can even make you more hungry and if you’re not making the proper food choices and you’re heading for chips instead of veggies you’re going to end up storing most of those calories.

2. You need to stretch
You’re sitting in the same position for 8 hours a day, things start to tighten up. By things I mean muscle groups like the hip flexors, calves, forearms and chest. But it doesn’t stop there, a lot of muscles become weak like your upper and lower back and hamstrings.

3. You might need cardiovascular training
I say might because for some people I have found it to be more important than others. But most times you need it.

4. You have to watch your carbohydrate intake
Because you’re not expending much glucose your body will store it. To keep your weight in line, learn what foods have carbohydrates and how much and make sure that you’re keeping it at around 100g a day. (Varies per person but this is a good guideline)

5. Give up the insulin spike
If your main goal is to lose fat and you’re not looking to gain muscle then avoid raising your insulin before, during or after your workout. Have protein with a low glycemic carbohydrate instead so you can shed fat more efficiently.

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