5 Pounds Lost in Only 2 Weeks!

Feb 17, 2009

Good morning,
And that is right…it is a good morning.  I weigh myself on Tuesday mornings and I was really happy to see that I had lost another 2.5 pounds.  I am at a total weight loss of 5 pounds since the beginning of my journey. 
One of the action steps asked:  What is my commitment to the 40 day challenge?  I am committed but I don't think I am giving it my 100% yet.  I feel that I still have too much man food in my diet.  Budget wise I need to clear off what is already in the kitchen but I do have to say that it is only replaced with GOD's food!!! 
What is the most common processed food in my diet?  Margarine.  When the container is done it will be changed for something better.  I will buy butter.  I use a lot of olive oil when it comes to cooking instead of margarine. So, olive oil is my alternative.  Hope this is a wise choice.  I am sure that I will hear tonight if it is not…lol. 
I have the Me quiet time all wrong.  I actually have ME time before going to bed.  I feel more relaxed and usually fall asleep a lot easily.  I have been going to bed earlier since the beginning of the challenge.  I wake up early in the morning but feel great.  But I guess ME time can be writing my blog in the morning….I should try to do that as well as ME time before going to bed.  See if it works.
I have made arrangements with a co-worker to go for healthy walks at lunch time.  Since we both are in the weight loss mode we will be taking our walks faster.  Before if it wasn't nice out we would just sit down to eat our lunch but we decided that if it is not good to walk outside that we will take the stairs.  It is only 3 stories so we will have to go up and down the stairs several times to last the 15 minutes.
Well, I didn't get any recipes by email so I hope that I will get some from you tonight.  Just a simple soup recipe, snack idea, drinks etc.  Anything is great.
Hope everyone is doing well!!!
See you tonight.

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