5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Oct 30, 2009


Drop All Refined Sugars

Every time I ever got sick in my life has
been after I binged the day before on sugars.

Sugar suppresses the immune system by
competing with vitamin C to enter the white blood cell.

The more sugar the less vitamin C can enter
and the slower the immune system is at gobbling up viruses and bacteria.

Stop Stressing Out

Imagine a lion attacking you (pretty
stressful huh?). Well, you can imagine that your body has a job to do as a
priority, run! What actually happens is first response would be an insane rush
of adrenaline making your blood flow to the legs and away from the internal
organs and your pupils would dilate and your immune system would rise and then
crash leaving you venerable to catching a flu or a disease.  The point here is that even though we don’t
have lions attacking us. We do live lives that cause us a lot of mental stress
that the body responds to in the same way.

I see many lawyers that catch colds almost on a regular basis yet never get
them on vacation.

3.       Get all Your Vitamins And Antioxidants

Make sure you take a high quality multivitamin and add an extra vitamin C to
the mix. This will safe guard you from missing essential vitamins that help
boost your immune system. Antioxidants help the body slow the breakdown of
tissue and keeps your body strong which in turn keeps your immune system strong.
Try to vary the colors of veggies, fruits, teas and spices.


Be Alkaline

Just like testing the water in a pool, you can buy yellow strips of paper that
you place on your tongue they will tell you what your PH is. An acidic PH is
bad, it means that your body is an environment that breads bacteria and that
your immune system will be low. An alkaline PH is great, it means you’ve been
eating a lot of veggies and your you bodies environment is in order.


Drink Your Water, Seriously
Water is very under rated and I find a lot of people I talk to lack the amount
needed in a day. Drinking enough water eases the job of the kidneys and liver
to process and eliminate toxins from the blood. It helps keep mucous membranes
moist enough to beat the viruses they encounter.

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