6 Advanced Techniques For Building Muscle

Oct 29, 2009


These techniques are used to make gains in muscle and are reserved for
people with experience in training with weights, but all in all they are
really fun to do. I have made up a workout for different muscle groups,
try them out.

Cluster set: A cluster set consists of performing 1 rep and then
resting for 20 seconds between each rep.

Try this for your shoulders: Using the seated
barbell press perform 1 rep with 80-90% of your 1 rep maximum then rest
20 seconds and perform another rep till you perform 6 sets of 4-6 reps.

Tempo contrast set: The tempo contrast set consists of performing a
slow exercise followed by a fast movement.

Try this for your legs: Try performing the leg
press Tempo 4-1-4 (4 seconds down/1 second pause/ 4 seconds up) for 4
reps and then without rest perform jump squats for 8 reps as high as
you can.

High volume low rest set: I got this one from Andre Maille a former
world bodybuilding champion and an great trainer. The high volume low
rest set consists of performing a high number of sets and reps with 1
minute of rest in between.

Try this for your triceps: Try performing 20 sets of 20 reps
with 1 min rest with close grip bench press and use about 35% of your 1
rep maximum (so if the maximum amount of weight you can lift is 100lbs
you would use 35lbs.)

Holding set: A holding set consists of holding the weight under
resistance some where in the range of motion for 4 seconds.

Try this for your calves: Try
this with a donkey calf raise with 4 seconds in the stretch position at
the bottom and perform 5 sets of 6-8 reps.

Super sets: A super set consists of 2 exercises performed one after
another with little or no rest between each exercise.

Try this for your chest and back:
For example you would perform 1 set of 8 reps on the bench press and
without any rest perform a set of 8 reps with bent over rows and repeat
for 10 sets.

Pre-exhaustion: A pre-exhaustion set consists of exhausting a small
primary mover muscle with an exercise followed by another exercise that
uses that same muscle as a secondary mover.

Try this for your biceps: Try performing
incline dumbbell bicep curls for 4 sets of 6 reps then after that move
to 6 sets of chin ups to failure.

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