7 Calorie Counting Tools

Apr 09, 2009

ACalorieCounter.com – Enter a general name for what you ate, choose one of the specific suggestions that comes up and see the full nutrition card for it.

Calorie-Count.com – Helps you count calories, even on your cell phone.  Also offers tests to help you learn about your food and your own habits.

CalorieLab.com – Has the calorie values of over 70,000 items and 500 different restaurant menus.

CalorieLookup.com – Has the calorie information on many popular foods and their counterparts from major food chains.

MyFoodDiary.com – Subscription based service that has a 50,000 item food database to help you keep track of your diet, as well as the usual weight loss and exercise logs.

CaloriesPerHour.com – Numerous calorie calculators, calories burnt calculator, weight conversions and more.

TheDailyPlate.com – Helps you count calories, track your intake, and plan your meals.

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