8 Ways To Become Overweight

Mar 29, 2010


This is an article by Dr. William Davis found here. Check out the other 5 ways.

1) Follow the advice of food manufacturers and eat the products they
label “healthy”, or “heart healthy”, or “part of a nutritious breakfast”
etc., like Shredded Wheat cereal, pretzels (“a low-fat snack”!), low-
or non-fat salad dressings.

2) Cut your morning calorie intake
by skipping breakfast.

3) Hang around with other heavy people.
They will confirm that it’s okay to be overweight.

4) Call
walking your dog “exercise”.

5) Get a sedentary desk job. Use
your swivel desk chair to scoot about whenever possible, rather than
getting up to do things.

6) Say “I’ve worked hard all week long.
Weekends are for relaxing, not for physical activities. I deserve a

7) Eat foods without thinking about it: Eat chips while
watching football, eat while on the phone, daydream over the sink.

Eat to provide comfort when stressed.


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