9 Unique Tricks to Avoid Devouring Your Fridge

Jan 23, 2012

There can be many reasons why you crave a certain type of food and I’ve written about those here but in general there’s really one big reason why you crave the forbidden foods we know you shouldn’t eat. You crave them because you’ve let your blood sugar drop to a level where your body subconsciously wants the fastest and simplest source of energy available which leaves you pushing aside the good old protein foods and scouring your pantries for that chocolate bar you hid for safe keeping.

Here are ten small things I’ve noticed over the years have help clients avoid this trap:

1. What goes up must come down

Since you sleep all night in a fasted state (low blood sugar), the morning meal will have the highest insulin response from carbohydrates. In the book “The Diabetes Solution” the author explains that for his diabetic patients he drops carbohydrate intake by half in the morning for this exact reason. Your breakfast sets the pace for the day in regulating your blood sugar so you should be consuming a meal that is composed in large part by protein and fat foods and not the conventional orange juice, cereal, bagel, granola recommendations. A good option is an omelet with vegetables. World renown coach Charles Poliquin takes it even further and suggest a meat and nut breakfast. Try it and you will see a big difference in your energy level.

2. Go for the big bottle

Bodybuilders and figure models in training do this all the time and we can learn from them. They lug around a huge water bottle that they sip on all day keeping them fully hydrated and feeling full. Plus it sure beats trying to figure out how many glasses of water you had today.

3. Find a Lebanese restaurant

These restaurants may not be popular where you’re from but here in Ottawa there’s a shawarma type restaurant in every neighborhood. These places are diet savers! You can order a chicken salad filled with different vegetables, most of their sauces are lemon and vinegar based. When you have a meeting or your only bet is to find a restaurant head for the Lebanese restaurants.

4. Decide ahead of time

I’m a big restaurant lover. I love the atmosphere of going to a restaurants with family and friends, and since this important to me I’m not going to avoid it. Making a lifestyle change means building up healthy habits that won’t interfere with the things you love doing (as long as they are good for you).  But unfortunately, often with the help of peer pressure, this is where people slip. But not anymore,  most restaurants now have online menus, so instead of salivating through the menu items decide ahead of time and be firm with your choice when the waiter comes around. You will be happy you made that choice after you eat.

5. Don’t keep it in the house

This is probably the number one rule and no it’s not good for your family either so don’t pull the “kids card”. There’s really no point in keeping that garbage in the house.  Use your grocery list and stick to it. It just makes it that much easier.

6. First aid – Nuts

If you starve yourself, you blood sugar will drop and you will get cravings. The goal is to keep yourself fueled with foods that do not produce a high insulin load. Here’s a tip: Next time you do your groceries buy a whole bunch of different types of nuts, bag them and keep some in your car, office and home.

7. Pay at the pump

I thought about this one the other day while pumping gas. I realized how much easier it was to avoid all that “point of purchase” junk food in a gas station simply by paying at the pump.

8. Consistency

You’re best bet to avoiding cravings is to eat good food on a consistent basis. There’s a lot of talk recently about the myths of eating often as it relates to the metabolism but when it comes to cravings, eating consistently every 3 hours will make a huge difference. Don’t worry about calories because that’s not what is putting on fat it’s the food choice that is doing that.

9. The salad needs loving too

I can’t tell you how many times I hear the sentence “but I love bread”. I know you do, we all do. Why not change our mindset and fall in love with different types of salads. When you think about it, there’s really endless combinations you can make with salads. Nuts, seeds, different types of meats, avocado, cheese, low calorie dressing etc. Healthy food doesn’t need to taste bland and if you run out of ideas, there are whole blogs on the internet dedicated to teaching you how to do that, like our friend Alana’s blog here.

Good luck!

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