Activate Your Abs With This Ab Workout

Aug 24, 2010

by James Elliott 

So many people are in the dark when it comes to training abs. Crunches? Sit ups? Cardio? The answer is NO!

I find that when I compare my hanging style abdominal training routine to regular crunches I get about a 10x greater response in results!

The way abs work is simple; The abdominals are fast twitch fibres that respond best to either weighted compound movements or explosive compound movements which is why my hanging abdominal training routine will work! Try it out:

2 minutes x 3 sets ! That’s it !

1. 30 sec – hanging pike

2. 30sec – low to medial leg lifts

3. 30sec- windshield wipers

4. 30 sec knee’s to elbows .

All done as fast as possible with full range of motion.

For those of you who need a visual effect to understand, I decided that I will start writing on this blog on a regular basis so I will submit a video in the future to further demonstrate this post!

Good luck!


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