Alcohol and dieting during the holidays

Dec 15, 2009


A common question from clients is what is the best choice when it comes to alcohol during the holidays? Which drink has the less calories/carbs?

The answer is the less you drink the better of course, with none being ideal. But I don't know anybody that hasn't indulged in alcohol over the holidays so in being realistic here is the answer;

Best option is red wine, organic if possible. Red wine has health benefits and is lower in calories than many other options. Another good option is vodka with soda water (lemon and lime added in add flavor). Some flavored vodkas have no sugar in the ingredients, look for those.

The worst options are anything mixed with high calorie and high sugar juices/sodas and pre-made coolers.

Beer is not the worst option as it is relatively low in carbs/sugar.

So watch what you drink, how much and what it is your are consuming and realize that indulging in alcohol will hinder fat loss if this is your goal. But if you will be indulging then at least now you know what are the less of all the evils.

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