Announcing a FREE Fitness Accountability Group

Feb 07, 2011

Here’s your chance to find some folks just like you.

There’s a reason most successful companies have a an advisory board.
There’s a reason most athletes credit their coaches when they win.
There’s a reason AA groups have changed millions of people’s lives in the past 80 years
It’s because that accountability matters …a lot.

Here’s a simple, fast and free way to find fitness accountability in your community. To meet other people who talk about health and fitness, read the books and want to reach their maximum potential.

This fitness accountability group lets you either volunteer to run your local in-person, non-virtual, face-to-face group meeting every month (in a gym, a store or coffee shop) or merely join one. Here’s an example of the one Rob is doing in Ottawa this week. The goal is to help not to sell. The page is simple. Find a city or add one. If the city needs an organizer, volunteer if you like. It’s very lightweight, free and it might just work.

Have fun!

We know the importance of health and fitness

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