Any Age Is The Right Age To Exercise

Apr 05, 2011

I had a lady walk in today curious to know what we do. After a little chat, it was clear that she thought she was too old to start to exercise. She was 71.

After she left I couldn’t get that out of my head because older adults has even more reason to exercise. It brought me to write this post in hopes that you can share this with someone with a similar attitude.

I mean this guy started at 85.

Here are the 4 big reasons any older adult should exercise.

1. Disease prevention

Resistance exercise builds bone density, re-boosts metabolism to burn fat, prevents sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass). Combined with cardiovascular exercise it has been shown to help prevent mental illnesses cancers and heart disease.

2. Well being

It’s not just about living longer it’s about living better. Having the energy to do the things you love to do like playing with grandchildren or having the endurance to do things you may not have done like go for a walk or a hike.

3. Hormones

As you age your hormone levels are on a slow decline and the only natural way to stop this decline is to take up resistance training. Every time you lift weight, you stimulate your hormones to start building again making you look and feel younger.

4. Function and mobility

If you don’t exercise or stretch your muscles on a regular basis they will lose range motion which will leave you feeling stiff and restricted. Basic things like reaching down to pick something up or getting out of the car become a struggle. With a good resistance program combined with stretching and cardiovascular work you can easily gain back your mobility and feel like a million buck!

Now is it worth it?

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