Are you being out worked?

Jan 10, 2011

I couldn’t write any posts last week. I wasn’t planning on it but I didn’t have proper internet access in Jamaica. Meanwhile it was very relaxing and now I’m fired up for a great 2011. Which leads me to this:

Sometimes you don’t know how fast your going until someone is running beside you. I used to think I had a great physique (which I do at a provincial to national level) but when I competed at the world championships I realized that the bar was raises to a level I had never seen before.

Here’s the lesson I got out of it:

When you think you’re working hard? You’re not.
When you think your lean enough? You’re not.
When you think you know everything? You don’t.

This has nothing to do with not being happy about your current situation. I am beyond grateful for my life. It’s about striving to improve, to be better and to reach new heights.

When I workout I try to always envision how hard the world champions are working and try to out work them. When I’m at work I strive to outsmart and out work my competitors.

To quote Tony Robbins “If you’re not growing your dying”.

So the question is, are you doing everything you can?

Now go out and take it to the next level, push it to the limit because someone else is.

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