Are You Out Of Whack?

Mar 07, 2010


I here a lot of talk about life balance but what is it really? Life balance for me isn't necessarily the same balance as it is for you. Some things may be more important to me than it is to you.

After reading this great book I couldn't help but give you this little exercise to help see what your balance should look like.

How important are each of the categories below to you? Take 100% and divide it between each category by importance. For example work – 30%, home -60% and so on. Make sure all categories together total 100%. It's not as easy as it looks.

  1. Work/career/school
  2. Home/family
  3. Community/society
  4. Self: Mind, body, spirit

Now, look at your weekly schedule and ask yourself how much time do you spend on improving each category? Is it in sync with what's important to you? If not try to find ways to make it happen.

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