Avoiding Weightloss Re-Bound

Mar 06, 2010


Many people will lose weight only to find themselves gaining it all back. I want to show you a strategy to make sure this never happens.

Your body is always in search of homeostasis and adapts (for survival) to most things thrown at it. While dieting your calories are low which cause your metabolism to decrease to preserve energy. If you're on a low carbohydrate diet than you also are holding less water under the skin than you normally would. If you are performing a lot of exercise your body adapts to that too.

So imaging that you reach your goal and then stop all these habits. You provide your body with a whole bunch of calories it wasn't used to, you slow down your exercise, you increase your carbohydrates making you hold more water. That can equate to a lot of weight gain in a very short amount of time.

In fact to test out how much I could gain, after I competed at the IFBB world championships in natural bodybuilding I gained 24lbs in 2 weeks!! My feet looked like Sherman's in the nutty professor. All in all it was a learning experience for me that I won't repeat.

Here is how to avoid the weight loss rebound. You need to add a calorie ramp up that's half the time you were dieting for to give your body a chance to adapt to the new calories your introducing.

Seems easy? Hell no. After you've reached your goal the mind set changes. People tend to let loose, and once the ball starts rolling it's hard to make it stop because your body feels deprived of calories and wants them now (not in 6 weeks.)

So you need to change your mindset. Throughout your fat loss journey you need to aim for that goal but you also need to envision the curve in the picture above. Like in taekwondo when someone want to break a board they don't look at the board itself, they look past it and drive there fist through with momentum to succeed.

Don't underestimate the rebound.

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