Behind the logo

Jun 08, 2011

About a year ago I was meeting with the owner of Bridgehead, a successful fair trade coffee company here in Ottawa. I thought I would be cool and before our conversation I told her I could get her free advertising to all lawyers in the city through one of my contacts, she would simply have to give a small discount.

Doesn’t that seem like a good deal?

Immediately without a second of hesitation she said no. That it wasn’t for Bridgehead. I was surprised, then confused then intrigued. After our conversation I thought about this and realized how blind I had been, that of course it’s not for Bridgehead, they are about free trade. Being fair to all people is a huge part of their business, their culture and is a value for probably all of the staff including her the CEO.

It also made me realize that I needed to do a little more soul searching for myself and my business.

Since then I realized that knowing yourself, your business and your clients is probably one of the strongest components in building a brand. That you must look inside before you can look outside. That when who you are is clear to you then making decision on behalf of the brand comes easy. So please let me explain the new logo to you so you get a good understanding of what it means:

1. The built in “Ah ha” moment: Do you see 3 F’s or squiggly lines? People that don’t know about Free Form Fitness often times see squiggly lines for a few seconds until they have what I like to call the “ah ha” moment where they solve the puzzle and realize that they are three F’s. This is an important emotion for us.

When someone comes to Free Form Fitness for the first time it’s typically when they have exhausted all other options. They have bought the membership, tried the dvd’s, read the diet books. They are usually frustrated and puzzled. Two weeks after joining Free Form it’s time for a weight-in (if you ask any of our personal trainers they will tell you) that most clients get that same “ah ha” moment where they realize they have solved the puzzle. They now understand, they get it, they solved it.

2. The change: When someone first decides to come in to see us they usually feel heavy physically and mentally having to balance work, family, community and now their health. That is a lot to take on and the last thing I want is to add more weight to it. It was important that the 3 F’s in the logo were light, in fact so light that they disappear showing that when you put your health first the heavy weight disappears.

3. The optimal: Most designers wanted me to use the small  f’s VS the big F’s to look less blocky and hardcore but I always resisted that, it just wasn’t us. I thought the small f’s projected that it’s an easy solution, that the atmosphere would be calm and that it projected a tolerable option VS an optimal one. Though it’s a fact that promoting the word “easy” does get more people in the door, it would be a lie that would destroy our trust in the long term. We are “personal trainers who care” and that comes with being honest when helping people achieve their goals. The way I see it is that are clients are some of the smartest people I know and they understand that nothing comes easy, that if they want something they need to work at it.

To summarize all this: Our new logo represents someone that understands, that get’s it.  Someone that is about the optimal VS the tolerable.  Someone that is willing to pay for a quality over quantity.

We know the importance of health and fitness

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