Outdoor Bootcamp

JUNE 2020 - AUGUST 2020


Bunker Hill Monument Park in Charlestown, MA

Orange T Bunker Hill Community College





This 45 minute bootcamp program relies on high-intensity interval training and varied resistance training exercises to activate the afterburn effect, a scientifically-proven physical state that causes the body to burn calories hours after you’ve finished working out. Campers of all ages and abilities participate in these outdoor group classes that inspire a supportive team atmosphere.

Each 45-minute session can burn anywhere from 600 to 1,000 calories and you’ll continue to torch them up to 28 hours after you’ve left the park.

Essential fitness elements, from cardio to core work to flexibility to resistance training, are incorporated into each class to maximize fat burn and help sculpt a strong, slender form.

Movements and exercises can be modified to suit your personal needs, ensuring that each session is more challenging than the last.

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