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May 13, 2010


In the world of business we think strategy before tactics. It’s safe to say that by simply using a tactic (like placing a random ad in a random newspaper) without a strategy won’t be nearly as effective as if it was backed by a good strategy. Your business strategy is usually first broken down in its simplest form like this for example; 1. Acquisition 2. Retention/delivery 3. Referral/buzz. You can then breakdown each one of those categories into other separate strategies and finally tactics.

Well, have you ever considered a strategy for your health? The P90X, the diet book, the treadmill, the gym membership, these are all tactics. I’ve seen many people in my career get in shape but I’ve also seen many people gain all their weight back or lose all their hard earned muscle because they didn’t have a strategy in place. They thought about tactics first. Here are the 3 most basic health and fitness components that will make sure you reach your goal and maintain a healthy and vibrant life.

1.    Nutrition
2.    Exercise
3.    Accountability

Nutrition without exercise will make you lose muscle mass, bone mass and you will eventually plateau on your weight loss. Nutrition without accountability may be easy at first but when times get busy diet seems to take the back seat. This is where accountability is most important.

Exercise without proper nutrition will not ensure a healthy body, maybe you will look in shape for the first while but there are so many nutrients your body needs when you exercise. You need to back it up with good nutrition. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t quite “Love” to work out and has not grown up doing this consistently then accountability for exercise will be very important too.  Just take a look at the January rush and the February fall of fitness memberships.

When I say accountability I mean something or someone that will help keep you going and will motivate you to make it a habit of life. This can be a friend, a partner, writing your own blog, a coach. The top athletes in the world all have coaches not only for their knowledge but because they are held accountable to putting in the work needed to get to their goal.

Time to think strategy!


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