Can You Gain Muscle & Lose Fat At The Same Time?

Jan 18, 2011

Everyone has a basic calorie maintenance level for their body where if they consume more than their maintenance level they gain weight and if they consume less than their maintenance level they lose weight. So how is it possible to gain muscle when your calories are below your maintenance level?

The answer: Naturally boosting your hormones. To simply look at the calories is like only looking at one piece of the puzzle. It’s too narrow of a focus. That’s often the problem with specialists. They have a very narrow expertise that neglects the fact that the body works as a system in synergy with other systems.  Have you ever seen anyone that has started taking a medication that had an effect on their hormones and made them gain weight? It wasn’t because they all of a sudden started eating more It’s because hormones are a master controller for gaining muscle and losing body fat. By naturally manipulating your nutrition and training you can produce the right hormone response. Here are 4 ways to do this:

  1. Figure out how many carbs your body can handle before your weight loss stalls. I know this may be a little confusing but it takes a little experimenting. If you’re a bigger boned person chances are it’s around 100g if your a small boned skinny person it may be as high as 250g a day.
  2. Make sure to keep your insulin low throughout the day by consuming 5-7 small amounts of carbohydrates per meal (12g). This will help you become very sensitive to insulin and ready for the big spike.
  3. Here is where the spike happens. Take the rest of your carbohydrates for the day and have them during your workout in liquid form combined with branch chain amino acids and continue drinking it post workout with whey protein to create an insulin spike.
  4. For your workout, time your rest periods (1 minute rest) and increase the volume of your workouts using large compound movements. If you’re used to 3 sets of 10, I want you to change it to 10x 10 with 1 minute break. This will help boost your growth hormone which will help you gain muscle and get leaner.

I tested many variations of this on someone that had a body fat percentage of 5% which made it easy to see differences. We tried carbs in the morning, pre workout and during. We tried different methods of training. Those 4 things are what did it best.

As I get ready to compete at the Canada’s and my weight is going up as my body fat is going down I figured it was timely for me to write this article.

Thanks for reading friends!

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