Childhood obesity has a new enemy

Jun 24, 2011

Beyonce has been helping First Lady Michelle Obama with her Let’s Move campaign and she’s produced a remix exercise video of her hit “Move Your Body.” Just a great idea.

The video’s set in a middle school cafeteria and shows Beyonc√© leading students through different moves.

So being a big supporter of helping child obesity, I decided that it would be fun to put on a dance performance for everyone that reads my blog. That I was going to do the dance and post it for all of you to laugh at me.

The problem is, after 2 hours practicing (I’m serious), I still couldn’t get it. I even went found the choreography video for it here and It was still way too hard or I’m just a poor of a dancer.

If anyone wants to take on the challenge, be my guest.

PS: I might even post it on my blog if you send it to me.

Here’s the video

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