Desserts or Die? Choose

Apr 02, 2010


If you had a heart attack tomorrow and your doctor told you that if you don't change your nutrition habits you will die, would you follow their advice? Even if it meant giving up some of your favorite desserts?

Let's assume that most people would. Then why not change your habits now because in the end that is where it leads. Everyone knows that it leads to death yet most people only change when something happens. Here's the problem; people don't understand the impact of nutrition on their health combined with a feeling of invincibility. "I don't think it will happen to me" or in other words "I'm willing to take the risk".

So in order for someone to change they need to first realize two things: First, they need to realize beyond a doubt that there is preventative
solution out there. (It's called nutrition, exercise and accountability.)

Second, If they continue their bad habits they will not only cause pain to themselves but also to their family and friends that will miss them.


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