Diet & Acne

Mar 30, 2010


Colorado State University researcher Loren Cordain has done amazing research on acne and diet. If you or your children or someone you know suffer from acne, you should really buy this DVD.  (PS: I don’t make any money from recommending products and I never will) , I watched the DVD and I figured it was worth sharing with my readers. Just look at the reviews.

According to Cordain the dermatologist have been wrong about saying that food had nothing to do with it and he can back it up. Cordain says “Chocolate does cause acne and so does just about every other high-fat, high-sugar, refined food common in a Western diet.”
Cordain, has found a back-to-basics diet of lean meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables prevents
acne as well as heart disease and obesity. His latest study, in the journal Archive of Dermatology, found acne is nonexistent in people in primitive cultures who eat uncomplicated diets not influenced by the West.

Cordain, a CSU professor of health and exercise science, worked with a team
of five scientists studied more than 1,300 Kitivan Islanders of Papua New Guinea and the Ache hunter-gatherers of Paraguay. The scientists did not observe a single case of active acne among the study subjects. The unblemished skin of the two unrelated groups could not be
explained by genetic factors and were likely the result diet, Cordain said.

The Kitivans eat mainly fruit, fish and tubers, while the Ache
hunter-gatherers’ diet includes wild and foraged foods, locally cultivated
food and a small percentage of Western foods obtained from external sources,
according to the study. In Westernized societies, acne is a nearly universal skin disease afflicting
between 79 percent to 95 percent of adolescents, Cordain said.

“Despite all our technology, our genome has been shaped by natural selection. So, if you look at an
animal in the San Diego Zoo, to learn how to feed and care for the animal,
you need to go find out what it eats and where it roosts so it doesn’t get
sick in a zoo environment. With humans, it’s no different.”


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