Do You Stand A Chance?

Aug 11, 2010


In his great book Outliers, Malclom Gladwell talks about the story of success. What was interesting to me was the realization that no one factor creates success. What if bill gates was born where there was no computers? Or if Wayne Gretzky was born where there was no ice? Would they be the best in the world? not likely. 

Reaching success doesn’t happen simply because your talented or because you work harder than someone else but because all things fell in place at the right time in the right situation. in essence; your surroundings have created a chain of events and opportunities that has led you to it. 

This book sparked a few good questions: Are you in the best environment to succeed? Are you surrounded by the best people to succeed? Are you putting in the time to succeed or just looking for a quick fix? 

If you want to succeed, give yourself the best chance possible. 


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