Do you have muscle balance?

Oct 17, 2008

Muscle balance is important in preventing injury and in being able to perform exercises at the proper angles in order to increase strength at maximum potential.

The overhead squat is a great tool to use as an assessment in determining weak and tight muscles.

Great Overhead Squat Demonstration

Here are some common signes to look for when performing the assessment:

Subject can not fully squat without falling back = Tight calves or soleus
Subject’s pelvic is forced down (the lower back rounds) = Tight hamstrings
Subject can not keep bar above the head = Tight shoulders, chest and internal rotators
Subjects pelvic tilts up on 1 side (lower back forms a C shape) = Weak lower back on one side (Quadratus Lumborum)
Subject’s heals rotate in when squatting = Tight periformis (glutes)

There are many other assessments to perform as a way of confirming the weaknesses and we can get into that on a later date.

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