Does Wine Make You Fat?

Aug 29, 2011

For most people trying to lose a few pounds, giving up wine can be one of the hardest challenges as it’s so intertwined in our society for social gatherings and kicking up your feet in relaxation. Well good news because I’ve created a diet called The Wine Diet that allows you to keep the wine in your diet and still lose weight. But first, to answer the question above:

The short answer is “No” it doesn’t make you fat as there’s too little sugar to produce an insulin effect. Insulin being the hormone responsible for accumulating fat in the fat cell.

In the case of the alcohol, it follows a different pathway. The alcohol converts to ethanol which is metabolized by the body as an energy-providing carbohydrate nutrient, as it metabolizes into acetyl CoA, an intermediate common with glucose metabolism, that can be used for energy in the citric acid cycle or for biosynthesis.

Now wait a second. Before you go and start drinking endless glasses of wine it does come with some rules, so check out The Wine Diet that will allow you to keep losing body fat.

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