Don’t Mess With The Cycle

Aug 05, 2010


Want to feel good? Then don't mess with the cycle. Humans like all living things are made up of essential elements like; Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon etc. We like all living things in our environment recycle energy to one another from when we breath to when we die. Here's the cycle;

  1. The sun gives the plants energy by way of solar heat. 
  2. The solar energy along with fertilizer, rich in nutrients enable plants to grow and produce oxygen.
  3. Animals breath oxygen and graze the plants. Some animals have the enzymatic ability to convert cellulose to a protein to replenish their bodies.
  4. Since humans do not have this enzyme to convert cellulose to protein, animals (lower on the food chain) provide the nourishment (proteins) in the form of meat or dairy for humans.
  5. Humans, animals and plants die and decompose leaving nutrients in the soil as fertilizer.

…and the cycle continues. 

A cycle is only as good as every part within it, if the cycle is broken (mas agriculture, the destruction of forests, factory farming, creation of fake foods, feeding animals the wrong food, using chemical fertilizer) then it effects all other parts. If you want to be healthy and help the environment then stick to natural foods in close proximity to you that you would find in nature. Foods you would have found without the use of technology; Eating local grass fed beef and growing your own garden are probably some of the most important changes you can make for your health and the environment.


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