Don’t Try To Fix Your Problem

Jul 07, 2010


Build on the positive.

Negative situations are more obvious than positive one's. A bad experience in business and someone tells 7 people. A good experience and someone tells 3. No one heard about Tiger Woods happy marriage in it's early days then an incident occurred and we hear about it everywhere. It's just the way it is. "Mom you forgot my birthday" is just more obvious than "Mom you remembered my birthday."

Why does this matter? Because we are so programed to focus on the problem (the negative) that we often times ignore
the positives.

For example; If your child comes home with a report card that has two B's in science and gym, an A in art, and an F in math; As a parent were will you spend your time? Most parents will focus on the F of course. The obviously situation is that something is broken and we need to fix it. Very few parents would look at the A in art class and realize a gift, that their child is strong in that subject and could possibly help them build on it.

Even in failure there is success.

In getting in shape, it's no different. Sometimes it's better to avoid what you're doing wrong and focus on discovering what you're doing right. What ARE you doing right? What are the things that you find are working to keep you on track? Could you do more of the right things? Could you build on what you're doing right?


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