Fire Mediocrity

Jan 24, 2011

Scenario #1: I went in to see my doctor last week. He was surprised how perfect my lipid profile was even though my diet is mostly composed of meat and eggs. Even with those results, he advises me to eat less meat and to avoid fat. So I quizzed him, how much fat would you consider I should have? His response “he’s not sure but the lower the better.” I asked him what he thought of me having 70g a day of fats and he said “I’m just not sure”.

Mediocre! Fired!

Scenario #2: I go to the bank today and the bank manager won’t let me open an account without other people’s signature even though I clearly had researched it didn’t need it. So there he goes reading off the bank website in front of me (for 45 minutes) to try to figure out what the bank policies are on this specific account that we were dealing with. As a manager he clearly knew nothing about his job.

Mediocre! Fired!

Scenario #3: A lady came to the gym a few days ago and explained to me that that personal training in general has “left a bad taste in her mouth” because her personal trainer she had hired at some big fitness club never mentioned the importance of nutrition to her. She expected to lose weight but never did.

Mediocre! Fired!

The point is this: Wether you have to deal with a doctor a banker or personal trainer. Expect nothing but the best. Go out and find people that care, people that don’t just flash a diploma and think that learning stopped the day they graduated or the day they got hired.

Look for people that strive to deliver you the best experience, that give you proven up to date information, people that don’t look at their work as a job but more of an art.  And when you do find them, hold on to them.

At FreeForm we do a lot of interviews to find that one special person. Sure we have the occasional glitch here and there but the day our company is considered mediocre with mediocre people is the day I will fire myself.

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