Getting back on the horse

Apr 28, 2011

I was so discouraged it took me 5 days to write this. Last weekend I competed with my team at the CBBF nationals, I mean that’s an accomplishment within itself having 5 people compete at the national level. Everyone looked amazing and presented themselves with such class even though some of us were disappointed with our placing.

After 16 weeks of dieting and training my butt off, the federation (CBBF) decides to merge my weight class with the one above mine, because they said that 1. They didn’t have enough competitors in my class but I would be scored as if I was in my weight class (ok, fair) and 2 they didn’t want the promoter to have to buy another trophy (That’s not cool, in fact I would say embarrassing). I promote shows too and if $30 is an excuse not to buy a competitor a trophy, they shouldn’t be a promoter.

You have to know that I barely made my original welter weight class because I didn’t want to compete against my team mate James. By the time they gave me the news it was too late, I had just gotten off the scale.

So there I was, knowing that I had to compete against guys that were 20lbs heavier than me and not only that but even if they score me in my weight class and I were to win, not only will I not get a trophy but I and all the people that came to see me won’t even know if I won.  Was I being punked?

I’m a pretty confidant guy but I realized that I had just been thrown in to a losing battle. 16 weeks of major commitment to lose because of someone who didn’t think about the athletes first. Mistakes happen I guess.

I was upset and so were 30 or so people that came to watch me and didn’t get to see my routine because I didn’t place top 5 in the middle weight category. No trophy for possibly winning the welterweight division. Just the president telling me he will email me my placing to let me know I f I won my category, Its Thursday still no answer to my email. That’s not a mistake, just bad business.

Anyways, here is the part where I get back on the horse:

  • I feel healthier than ever.
  • I look better than I ever have.
  • I learnt things about my body that are priceless.
  • I had a blast training with James and our crazy program.
  • I loved the fact that I competed with my wife at the national level.
  • I can’t be more grateful of the support team around me,
    I really do have the best family, friends and clients I could hope for.

The lesson:
Life’s too short to stay bitter. Move on, and focus on the beautiful things around you.

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