Goals Are Too Easy To Set

Apr 10, 2011

I hear it all the time, my goal is;

  • To lose 10 lbs
  • To gain 20lbs of muscle but still be lean
  • To gain 10 new clients this week
  • To make a million dollars
  • To buy a house

Though goals may set the vision for the future, they are quite useless in achieving it.

Let me explain using my current situation;

For me to think that I can lose 3lbs of bodyfat in the next 2 weeks is really out of my control, I mean I will surely give it my best try but my body may not want to. Maybe I will plateau, maybe this is as low as my body will let me go. The point is that there are too many factors out of my control to judge wether or not I will succeed.

The same holds true whether you’re an executive, professional or business owner. Though you may have the goal of gaining 10 new clients, there are too many factors out of your control to determine whether or not you will achieve it. Like maybe the person isn’t ready to do business with you, maybe the timing isn’t right, maybe the people you are trying to reach are leaving on vacation.

The focus should not be on the end goal but instead on the goal of completing your actions for the week.

I can tell you that, I will;

  • Do 45 minutes on cardio every morning
  • Stick to my diet for the next 2 weeks
  • Train twice a day for the next 6 days.

With that effort, I’m hoping I will get to lose my last 3lbs.

See the difference?

The same way the business owner can say they will

  • Make 50 phone calls
  • Attend a networking event
  • Take 3 clients out for lunch

Hopefully they will get their 10 clients with this.

Goals are nothing but a dream with a deadline.

Actions are where it’s at!

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