Where Have You Been?

Oct 26, 2010


Health club attendance rates are horrible. But it's not your fault, the model is broken and is missing pieces to the puzzle. If only 25% are showing up how many are actually getting results? Accountability is one of the missing pieces to this puzzle. Here is an example of the US stats on members who attend their club 101.2 times in the course of a year:

Massachusetts 25.90%
California 21.80%
Colorado 21.20%
Virginia 20.30%
New Jersey 19.00%
Arizona 18.80%
Illinois 18.60%
Utah 18.20%
Florida 18.00%
South Carolina 18.00%
Texas 17.60%
Arkansas 17.30%
New Hampshire 17.20%
Maryland 17.10%
New York 16.90%
Wisconsin 16.90%
Kansas 16.40%
Washington 15.90%
Ohio 15.70%
Michigan 15.60%
North Carolina 15.50%
Georgia 15.20%
Connecticut 14.90%
Tennessee 14.90%
Iowa 14.80%
Indiana 14.60%
Louisiana 14.60%
Missouri 13.90%
Pennsylvania 13.60%
Kentucky 13.00%
Oregon 12.50%
Nevada 10.70%
Alabama 10.20%

Take out all the regular gym buffs that these statistics are counting and you get a whole wack load of beginners that just buy a membership and never show up. In fact it's their major profit center. The problem is there's a lot of people that really want to succeed but are just not in the right enviornment to make it happen.


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