Tess’s Stay Healthy At Home Tips

Apr 05, 2020
Riley Pearce

You may all be getting to a point where you are missing your trainers. Having that regular access to the people you trust who could give you their “life-hacks” and wellness tips and tricks whenever you needed. For that reason, we are reaching out to the trainers and getting them to share the tips and tricks that are getting them through this time at home.

Tess Franklin. Personal trainer at Free Form Fitness Albert St.
Tess Franklin. Albert St. Trainer. Director of Culture

First up is Tess from our Albert St. location. She is a hardcore mom of 3 who has competed and won on stage many times. And yes – all of those were done after having her children!

Time Your Stress Intake

Your body’s cortisol levels are naturally highest in the morning, with a slight bump again mid-day, then falling off in the evening. Capitalize on these natural peaks and try to schedule your stress (such as reading the news, doing a hard workout, or tackling emotionally demanding tasks) around these periods to ensure you are not keeping your body’s cortisol levels elevated for extended periods of time throughout the day. This will help you stay healthy, and will also improve your mental/emotional wellbeing.

Pack Yourself a Lunch

So many people are struggling with having too much access to their kitchens right now, and are finding themselves grazing all day. Pack yourself a lunch – just as you would if you were going in to work – and tell yourself that is ALL you are having today! Then keep your promise.

Load Up On Fruits & Veggies

There are so many reasons to be eating more produce right now:

  1. 1) They’re packed full of nutrients to keep you healthy.
  2. 2) They’re cheaper than meats, dairy, and processed/packaged foods, which is a really nice thing in these financially uncertain times.
  3. 3) They’re almost always in stock.

I don’t know about your grocery stores, but the ones near me have always had a full selection of produce. You are sure to not go hungry eating fresh produce!

-Try a new exercise! Nothing reinvigorates your fitness routine like a new move! There are SO many creative ideas on the internet right now – google some and go play! Fitness was never meant to be one-dimensional.

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