How Expensive is Your Urine?

May 20, 2010


Doctors often advise their patients to not take a multivitamin, saying that you really don't need most of what's in it and that it turns into expensive urine. These doctors are going on the assumption that you are eating enough fruits and veggies and getting enough sun, and is definitely not the case. Also if you exercise you need more than the RDA.

That is a weird way of thinking, as anything you put into your body comes out in part some way. Any drug you take comes out in your urine and those same doctors have no problem prescribing those drugs. You urinate water, so does that mean you shouldn't drink water?

I know personally I would much rather prefer to have expensive urine than be deficient in any vitamin or mineral. You could be lacking just one of those and it can cause depression, or cause you to not be able to lose that last 10lbs.

Even though your body may absorbs 15% from a vitamin supplement, assuming you don't have a deficiency for a particular nutrient and the rest is excreted in your urine, that does not mean taking the multivitamin is worthless. And remember also that the quality of the source of the minerals and vitamins matters, not just any vitamin will work the same. The higher the quality, the higher the absorption rate. Also don't forget to take your vitamins with food, not on an empty stomach.


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