How Jean-Luc Got His Groove Back

Nov 09, 2011

My training has been really weak lately. Actually weak isn’t the right word, It’s been horrible. I have tons of excuses why my training fell to 2 days a week of just going through the motion but they don’t really matter, what matters is that yesterday was day one.

I can’t tell you how sore I feel right now but at the same time I feel amazing that I’m back into serious training. It’s exhilarating when you wake up realizing that your on your way towards a goal and your excited for the next workout.

I’ve tried over the past three months to simply change my mindset and to workout without a goal, to simply train to maintain and simply incorporate it into my weekly list of things to do. But it’s not the same at all and my motivation and conditioning showed the difference. Having a goal (even if it’s a small one) makes things so much better and much more fun to get up and want to go exercise.

I’ve been wanting to set a goal for a while now but I wasn’t sure what it should be. I didn’t feel like competing in bodybuilding again because I’ve done it and it doesn’t excite me. So here is what I did: The first thing I did was sat down with my accountability buddy (Chris) and set a list sports I’ve always wanted to try yet never came around to doing. My choices were gymnastics, submission wrestling (competed 3 x but I loved it), cycling, boxing and Squash.

I then created a periodized exercise plan on how to exercise for each sport in a one year span. (I showed readers how to create a proper yearly plan in a video in the last newsletter, if you want to see you will have to ask a client that trains at Free Form to send it to you). I then set mini competitions/challenges every 10 weeks for each sport that way I need to prove myself at the end of each phase. This part is key because it’s a little scary.

The point is your goals don’t have to be huge, they can be fun, things you’ve never done before, that maybe scare you a little bit.  It’s a matter of choosing it, creating a little challenge at the end of it, setting a road mp on how to get there and then Bam! Motivation just appears.

Be motivated, be healthy and be fit!

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