How To Avoid The Rebound

Jul 19, 2011

When looking at the chart above you can easily see why so many people lose weight only to end up back to where they started. If you’re in problem solving mode, what drives the action is the intensity of the problem. As the intensity fades the actions to keep solving the problem also fades. It’s a never ending cycle.

This pattern is not only true for losing weight but many other problems. Many people approach life as a series of problems to solve: Unhappy relationships, a bad job, a chronic health problem, financial difficulties or even a stressful lifestyle.

In order to avoid this depressing cycle the focus needs to change to that of creation as oppose to problem solving. You need to approach it as you would an art. Like a professional musicians that composes not because they want to fix a problem but because they want to create the perfect song. Creating is part of their life and they take actions every day in order to be the musician they desire to be.

The way many people approach it now is reactive. This never works out in the long run. Like in any sport, the team reacting to the other team is the one that almost always loses the game because being reactive doesn’t allow you to create the outcome you desire.

Think about what you really want. What the end result looks like to you. Paint a picture in your mind. Once you have that image, put in place the structure to get there (don’t over think it) just take action. After you’ve started, build upon the momentum and of course enjoy every moment!

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