How to Build Muscle After 40

Sep 27, 2011

It is a horrible thing for someone who has just turned forty to hear, but the fact of the matter is that forty is actually the “midlife” period. This means that major bodily functions are going to begin to change, and things that once happened quickly will take a bit more time. For example, a person over forty is never going to be able to eat the same quantities of food that they ate around the age of twenty, nor will they be able to eat things that contain a carbohydrates without seeing the effects right away.

This means that anyone hoping to begin building up muscle after the age of forty is going to have to know a few good tricks to get their body to respond the way they desire. For example:

  • There will be the need to consider how to trigger muscle development. This means that the individual will have to consider ways of building up their testosterone levels, and this usually means that they’ll need to lift heavier objects to get good results.
  • The next thing that is going to have to be considered is the person’s current level of stress. When we have stress, we make cortisol and other hormones. These hormones do things like store fat in the abdominal area, but the worst thing that these compounds do is counteract any sort of testosterone production or activity. This is very unfortunate and makes muscle development a slow and very unreliable process.
  • There is also the need to consider how the diet is impacting any body building efforts after the age of forty. For example, a lot of people who have hit middle-age will worry about their cholesterol levels. This is completely realistic and practical because it means that they will be protecting themselves against risks of heart attacks or strokes. The problem is that muscle building demands a bit more cholesterol, so it is important to choose the right diet that will not only help lower cholesterol but provide fuel to allow your body to build muscle. Protein is the building material for building muscle, around one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is going to deliver the appropriate level to build the body you want.

If you are someone over the age of forty and who is worried about problems with building muscle, you should know that it is something that can be done. It is simply a matter of patience and persistence, but it will pay off if you follow the suggestions listed above.

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