How To Gain More Energy

Oct 03, 2011

We all watch young kids and think that we’d love to have their level of energy. While we cannot tell you how to turn back the clock and regain that sense of boundless energy you had at the age of eight or nine, we can tell you how to get as much energy out of yourself as possible right now.

The number one thing we can tell anyone who is feeling like they don’t have enough energy is to reduce their stress. Stress produces all kinds of bad hormones and compounds that make us gain weight, feel fatigued (a common effect of stress is for someone to suddenly feel the urge to fight off sleep – even as they are totally “stressed out”), eat when we’re not hungry, and experience emotional turmoil. Rather than remaining in a pattern that is sapping us of good health and a sense of well-being, it is best to simply identify the sources of stress and to try very hard to eliminate them.

Another thing that is going to help with stress management and the return of high energy levels is to be sure to get adequate amounts of sleep. We all know that a approximately eight-hour sleep is needed in terms of health and fitness, so be sure that you make as much effort as possible at getting those eight hours each night. If you cannot do that, which many people with kids or two jobs have to accept, you need to then plan for “mental health breaks” during the day. If you can have two to four fifteen minute breaks throughout the day, take them! Use them to stop thinking, stop stressing, and simply breathe or shut your eyes. You will be amazed at the boost of energy you get from a little “cat nap” or coffee break.

Though you have low energy, you will gain a huge surge if you exercise. This is because exercise produces the compounds known as endorphins. These flood the brain during any sort of prolonged exercise and they give you a sense of energy and power that will really charge up the day. We suggest at least 30 minutes of good exercise each day – just wait until you feel the surge of energy this gives!

Finally, we suggest that you assess your dietary habits if you are continually low on energy. Too many simple carbohydrates (and too many carbs in general) are going to create a sense of lethargy in almost anyone, and a simple change in your diet might make a world of difference!

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