How To Gain Weight

Mar 28, 2011

Most of my posts are about losing weight but today I decided that I would treat those very few people that have trouble gaining weight with 5 tips.

I myself grew up very skinny, throughout high school I always had to force feed myself to gain weight. Those days are now long gone for me but I have to say I did learn some important lessons for those that have a super fast metabolism that can’t seem to gain weight.

1. You need to keep your calories consistent. Skinny people that can’t gain weight will tell you they eat a lot but the problem is that some days they forget to eat all together. The first step is to make sure every day the calories stay consistent.

2. How many calories? Try 18x your body weight. 18x your bodyweight in calories never fails if you stick to it. If you weigh 165lbs then you need to consume  2970 calories every day.

3.  Can’t fit that in? Try weight gainers post workout or before bed, they work.

4. Keep your workouts short and lift heavy

5. Don’t do any cardiovascular work (Including sports) without consuming a sugar based beverage.


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