Spot Reduction Can Work

May 04, 2012

Have you been dealing with “stubborn fat”. You know the kind we mean, that fat that refuses to leave your thighs or your abdominal area? This is a common problem for those seeking to lose weight, but I’m here to let you know that you can reduce certain area’s with some dietary, lifestyle and exercise “tricks” taken from Charles Poliquin‘s Biosignature course.

The body has many hormone receptor sites in different areas of the body and research shows that where you hold your fat is determined by imbalances in these hormones. The stronger the hormone imbalance the stronger the physical imbalance. Note that these are simply general guidelines and that the best solution is to book an initial consultation so we can truly assess the real problem.

Here is a generalized version of regular problem areas and their best solution:

Fat over the abdominal:
Problem: Cortisol is too high
Solution: Reduce stress

Fat thighs and butt:
Problem: High estrogen
Solution: Remove xenoestrogens (birth control pill, plastics in microwaves etc)

The muffin top:
Problem: Insulin
Solution: Lower carbohydrates

Some fat even gets redistributed that you may get very lean in some areas while getting fatter in other areas. This is a major reason why women complain that they are dieting and still getting “bottom heavy”. In cases of abnormal body fat distribution and hormone imbalance the trick is to find out what the core of problem is and to work at improving it.

For more information like this world renown coach Charles Poliquin will be coming to Ottawa for National Capital Fitday to give a four hour seminar on sleep, nutrition and toxins for optimal recovery, energy¬† and body composition. But make sure to buy your ticket soon because it’s going to sell out.

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